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Announcement & Updates 
Announcement & Updates

It's here! Welcome to Qur'an Wikipedia...

All praise and thanks belongs to Allah, the Creator of all that exists, and may His peace and salutations be upon His last and final messenger, Prophet Muhammad.

It has taken a number of years to get to this stage and in reality we are far from completing this project. In fact, this is just the beginning. Our aim was to create the correct framework for this process to begin and then allow the project to take its course, by the permission of Allah. Hence, one will find many sections of the website incomplete and this is where 'We', as an Ummah [nation], can help each other to create a central repository of the best available data relating to every Ayat and Surah of the Qur'an.

Qur'an Wikipedia was created to simplify and enhance the understanding of the Qur'an and provide a global platform unifiying our intellectual efforts. We want to build on the gems and lessons mentioned by the scholars of the past, open it up to the world of today and establish a solid foundation for the Believers of tomorrow.

So, start sharing your gems with the world and be part of the Qur'anic revolution!

Forthcoming features/developments [inshaAllah]
  • Audio per Ayat and Surah
  • Linguistic Analysis - Grammatical breakdown per word
  • Graphs for Word Frequency
  • Mobile App for Qur'an Wikipedia
  • Random Articles
  • Mushaf view
If you have any further suggestions please feel free to contact us.

Qur'an Wikipedia
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Friday 24th Jummada al-Awwal 1437 A.H. - 4th March 2016

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